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4 Strategies for a Powerful Thank You Page

When creating an opt-in page for a freebie on your website, something many people forget to put effort into is a great ‘Thank You’ page. Sure, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t, but when you’re trying to win clients, a warm thank you goes a long way to winning them over.

8 Principles of an Effective Opt-in Page

Before I even get started on explaining how to create an effective opt-in page, I’m going to address the elephant in the room: What is an Opt-in Page? An opt-in page is a web page that compels potential customers to submit their email addresses in exchange for a valuable free resource they just can’t live

The top 5 ways to market your coaching website

Maybe you’ve just got your coaching website up and running and are ready to market your business. You’re ready to start sending people to the site to attract your ideal clients! But when it comes to marketing yourself, it’s hard to know where to begin, especially when nobody knows you’re there. But if you want

Why you need visual branding before building your website - Jennie Lakenan Brand Design for Coaches

Why you need visual branding before building your website

I regularly have consultations with potential coaching clients who want me to build them a website. But quite often, they don’t have their brand design in place. And designing a website without knowing what the branding looks like first is like putting the cart before the horse. Whether you’re paying a developer to create your

SEO for Life Coaches Does a life coach need an SEO strategy

SEO Basics for Coaches

Everybody seems to be talking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) these days. In fact, coaches ask me all the time if it’s a good strategy for them, so I wanted to write an article that addresses that question. Whether you’re looking to create an in-depth SEO strategy or not, you’ll find this article extremely useful.

How to use word-of-mouth to market your coaching business

When you think about marketing your coaching business, you probably think of several ideas, like: Online ads (like Google and Facebook Ads) Posting on Social Media Local listings ads Press releases Blogging Joining industry directories And do you know what? All of these are great ways of marketing your business. However, one of the most

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