Let's take your coaching to the world

Let's take your coaching to the world

What if you could build an amazing website without any of the thought drama?

You’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money into coaching certification. Now you’re ready to move forward and set up your website.

But your brain is spinning around how you don’t know how to move forward with the tech, and you don’t know who to ask for help. 

Or, perhaps you’ve had a website that you built yourself, but you know it’s time to take your website (and your business) to the next level.

You also know there are more important things to do with your time than building a professional quality website.

You’re ready to hand off this website stuff so you can focus in on what you do best.

Natalie Brown

“Jennie re-built and re-designed my website along with helping me implement an entirely new marketing strategy. She researched and contributed some amazing ideas that helped me successfully launch a new program and expand my business in a major way. Her ideas, knowledge, and hard work helped me take my business to an entirely different level. My site is beautiful, professional, and well-maintained, thanks to Jennie’s talent and dedication.

By removing the website from my plate and taking it into her very capable hands, Jennie has made it possible for me to focus on doing what I do best in my business. I am so grateful!”

Sonia Wright

“I had worked with another company to set up my website and it was a mess. I actually could not use the site. It was easier to just scrap it and start all over. From the beginning, working with Jennie was amazing! First she worked with me to figure out a budget that I could afford while still meeting my website needs.

I have never seen such an organized process in my life. She worked hard to understand what I needed and then over delivered! I will use Jennie and her team for all my website needs. My website is beautiful and I’m so proud of it! More importantly, it’s easy for my clients to interact with my website.

Straightforward, efficient, easy, amazing product, delivered final email early! It does not get better than that!”

I am here to help.

As a certified digital business consultant, I help my clients to take their vision and their niche, and together we structure a digital strategy that makes sense for their ideal client. 

At the end of our process, my clients don’t just have beautiful websites. They have a powerful tool that helps attract the clients they started this journey to help.

If this sounds good to you, you should know there are two ways you can work with me:

Website Development

Do you already have your logo and branding solidified? Do you just want someone who knows your world to help you with the digital part of it all? 

Around here, we’ve developed an organized and efficient website creation process to save you as much time and mind drama as possible. You can get a quick picture of website development process via this graphic here.

At the end of this process, you’ll have a strategic, beautiful, and functional website that’s ready to go for your business. 

Branding Design + Website Development

What if there were two magical fairies that could take your niche and business plan and transform them into a streamlined brand and website? That’s what Deena Rutter and I do together.

Wondering how it all works? You can learn what’s involved in creating a newly branded website here.

I highly recommend this option. When Deena and I work together, amazing things happen. 

Kendra Harvey

“I loved working with Jennie and Deena. They took my vision and combined their expertise to create something that is beautiful, functional and professional.

I appreciated having a clear proposal with scheduled calls to discuss the project, and because they both have intimate knowledge of the coaching industry we were able to jump right in without me having to explain what my business is. I feel like I have gained two new friends.

Deena and Jennie truly are the dream team when it comes to website branding and development for life coaches.”

Andrea Giles

“Ultimately I chose both of you because 1) I knew you did high quality work and 2) I trust both of you. Oh, and I like you both! You have a very calm demeanor that makes it easy to bounce ideas off of. You are very approachable.

I chose you because you are very professional, but also very real. That’s a great balance!! With Deena, I had met her at coach business training (I met her twice the day I was leaving) and felt it was a little nudge to work with her. So glad I did! 

One of the best selling points for both of you is your calm, approachable demeanor throughout the process. I never once felt silly sharing an idea with either of you. That is huge as we are all involved in a creative process together.

Are you ready?

You can keep scrolling to read more testimonials. Or, if you’re ready to get started, click the button below and tell me about your project. Let me know if you are in for website or website + branding with Deena and me. I’ll let you know if I think we can help.

Amy Koch

“Jennie and Deena are a stellar combination! They listened to what I wanted in my website and branding and made it come to life in ways that exceeded my expectations.

Jennie kept me on schedule, giving invaluable feedback and guidance every step of the way. She knew how to incorporate my personal vision along with everything a life coach needs in a website. She coached me through the development process and helped me understand how everything would work together. She is the brains behind my website and impressed me with her thoroughness and know how.

Deena overcame my many last name mispronunciations with a genius logo proposal. Her creativity and insight brilliantly combined the style and colors even better than I envisioned. I love the way this A+ powerhouse team came together with their dialed in skills to nail my project in an incredibly short turn around time.

Mark Butler

“The best thing about working with Jennie is her process. When you work with a web designer, you are so reliant on their process (or you’re totally subject to their lack of process). Jennie has built two websites for me now, and I always know that she will move forward. I may pop in and out of the project, I may fall behind, but I know that the project won’t bog down because she won’t let it bog down. That’s her greatest strength, and I think the best thing about her service. That’s the first big reason why I will tell people to work with her.

The second big reason why I refer people to Jennie is if you’re excited about a long-term relationship with the person who’s dealing with your website, then Jennie’s maintenance plan is a great fit. If you never want to mess with your own website, you should plug into Jennie not just to get the website done, but then forever after to be able to say, “Okay, I’m not going to touch my website. When something needs to be done on the site, I’m going to go to Jennie.”

So those are my thoughts. It’s about the process. It’s about the experience of moving forward consistently, regardless of whether I’m keeping up or not. It’s about a reliable, long-term relationship with Jennie as a web designer.

Jennie Dildine

“As I started my coaching practice, I knew that I wanted someone to help me present a very professional and established presence, right from the very beginning.

The tools, strategies and ideas the Deena and Jennie offer have taught me so much. They truly have over delivered in every possible way. Deena and Jennie walked me through a step-by-step plan that made creating a brand and cohesive website such a simple and enjoyable process.

With their help, not only do have a beautiful finished product, but I have honed in on my target market and exactly what I want to say to them. I highly recommend Deena and Jennie. They truly are the BEST!!

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