I’m Jennie. Life coaching has done amazing things for me. I aim to get more of it into the world by helping life coaches grow their businesses via strategic websites.


I’m Jennie. Life coaching has done amazing things for me. I aim to get more of it into the world by helping life coaches grow their businesses via strategic websites.

It’s likely my story isn’t much different than yours. I grew up in a typical albeit big family, got an Associates in computing and a Bachelor’s in psychology. Next came marriage, kids, homeownership, the works.

Then, in the summer of 2018, I found Jody Moore who coaches people who are members of my church. I loved her content so much that I started listening to The Life Coach School podcast, hosted by the coach who trained Jody.

You can probably guess what happened.

Brooke Castillo taught me that my thoughts create my results, and my brain and results started to change.

I lost 30 pounds. (I didn’t even KNOW I had 30 pounds to lose!) And I dug my way out of postpartum depression I hadn’t even realized was there. 

This coaching thing became so exciting to me. I immediately thought to become a coach myself. After all, Brooke says it’s the best career in the world!

But as I started thinking about certification through the Life Coach School, and planning for that investment, and networking with coaches who had been through the program…

I realized, “Oh my goodness. SO MANY of these coaches don’t even have websites yet.”

Or if they did, those websites seriously didn’t portray the amazing skills they had gained.

I had talked with them and in some instances been coached by them. I knew the value they had to offer. But their online presence and digital marketing efforts didn’t match.

This seriously hindered their ability to grow their businesses as online entrepreneurs.

So I thought, “I know how to build websites.
I can help."

So I moved forward, I established myself as a web consultant, I made a few offers. I even hired my own coach, miss Amy Latta, who was smack in the middle of transforming her own business as a confidence coach.

But I had this nagging thought in the back of my mind: “I’m a fraud. I don’t really want what’s best for these coaches because I’m not 100% committed to this web consulting thing in the long run.”

You see, I was still very focused on getting certified through the Life Coach School in 2019.

I thought it had to either be a consultant or be a coach. I thought a consultant must always look out for their client’s best interest, and my brain told me I wasn’t doing that.

Cue imposter syndrome.

Because I was so distracted with imposter syndrome, I was focused on my own inadequacies. Not on how I could make life as easy as possible for my ideal client.

That’s no way to grow a business, am I right?

The result of those imposter thoughts was that I didn’t get any paying clients. I didn’t keep coaching with Amy, either. Because I had committed to paying for coaching with her from my business funds, and they were net $0.

When that coaching relationship ended, I felt devastated. My brain wanted to make it mean I wouldn’t be successful.

What do you think I did next?

That’s right. I wrote that thought down, the one that said I wouldn’t be successful. Then I wrote some other thoughts. I prayed and asked for help, I pondered, I was aware of my brain.

Then I decided what thoughts I wanted to keep. You know what I decided?

I decided I would keep going. Because I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything else.

I recommitted to making offers and I set some new goals.

Part of that was realigning what 2019 looked like for me.

I realized I had two conflicting goals: to be a life coach, and to be a web consultant.

Juggling both didn’t move me forward. I was torn between them. I realized I needed to practice constraint and go all in on just one of them for now.

That’s when I committed 100% to web consulting.

It was like a switch was flipped, and everything changed.

I began valuing my own skills. I didn’t feel like an imposter anymore. That meant I planned for future clients and how I would make their experience with me extraordinary.

I made offers in a more giving way, and I began finding clients who valued what I offered because I valued it myself.

I met my amazing business partner, brand magician and life coach Deena Rutter.

We’ve been able to provide value to so many coaches, and they love what we do for them (including Miss Amy Latta!).

Eventually I still pursued certification as a coach, culminating in my graduation from The Life Coach School in March of 2020. But choosing CONSTRAINT, going all in as a web consultant FIRST, was a crucial part of achieving the success I’ve had in business. 

I tell you about these failures and successes for one reason…

It’s because of coaching that I am where I am.

I want you to understand that I get the challenge of launching your business. I get failing to reach goals, and I get the struggle to coach yourself out of those failures.

But my friend, I want you to understand, too, that you can do it. The skills you have are invaluable, and you have a responsibility to share your skills with the world in the most effective way possible.

My responsibility is to help YOU fulfill that role, to get these tools out there to people who need your help.

Because they’re waiting for you.

Here's the bottom line...

The most effective way to build your business is to set up an effective online strategy.

But you don’t need to be tech savvy or a marketing expert to be a successful online entrepreneur, my friend. I’m here to help you.

I promise to hold your hand through the process of getting your website built. Together, we’ll structure a website strategy that makes sense for your ideal client. 

We’ll dive deep into the thoughts of the people you want to work with, and we’ll plan for the best way to get your message to them.

I love working with coaches like you because you have drive and ambition. You’re all in on your business. You’re in it to help and to serve.

You just need help in the website and digital strategy department, and I happen to think that part is super fun.

The more value you recognize in yourself, the more you’ll be able to offer your ideal client.

What’s amazing about the website building process is that it helps my clients recognize their value.

They’re not more inherently more valuable because they have a website. 

But the process of building their website forces my clients to very closely examine their why, to think and ponder on their ideal client and that client’s problems, and to LOVE who they serve even more.

This website building process helps my coach clients RECOGNIZE their value. And when they do, they’re able to provide even more for their ideal client.

That’s the transformation I love most. It’s so similar to the transformation I saw in myself.

So, if this sounds like you, if you are ready to get a jump on your business and your offer and gain even more confidence in your ability to help your ideal client, then hit the button below to fill me in on your goals and vision.

I’ll get back to you and let you know if I think I can help.

Candice Toone

“I was hooked on Jennie from our very first email interaction. When I was deciding whether to hire her, I pushed back a bit on something in her project agreement copy. She responded right away with the kindest and firmest response I’ve ever received. Her confidence in the products she delivers shone through in her message and I knew I needed that kind of energy on my project and in my world.

From initial agreement to project launch, I never once regretted the decision to hire her. Jennie did so much more than build my website. I so appreciate that she’s interested in me and my business beyond just what touches the actual website.”

Sandra McDermid


Working with Jennie and Deena was a fantastic experience for me, and I am thrilled with the results.

The best bits were: their dedication to their craft, the responsiveness to my needs and many questions, and the well thought through time scale which ensured the website got done without feeling overwhelmed along the way. Deena’s branding was spot on and exactly what I wanted.

Couldn’t fault them at all — great team!

Heather Shuler


“Working with Jennie was a DREAM. She is so prepared and organized and spelled out the whole process from the start. Making it as easy as possible. She saved me so much time (our greatest asset) and mind drama so I could focus on my clients while she made an incredibly beautiful and fully functioning website.

Jennie takes care of you and helps you every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

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