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My Website Build Process

The first time I chat with a new client, they are usually full of questions about my approach: When will I see what you’re working on? How often will I hear from you? Do I just see my website when it’s all done? What do you need from me? Because you might have similar questions,

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How to Solve Any Coach Website Problem: Become a Master Googler

In this post, you’ll learn how to use Google to solve any technology problem you might come across as you grow your coaching business and build your website. Why Googling Matters I once heard an experienced software developer jokingly call himself a “Senior Googler.” I laughed at the comment at the time, but in all

Website Maintenance for Coaches: How to Care for your WordPress Website

WordPress is an amazing, scalable platform to use for building your coaching website. I’ve gone into detail about why I recommend it before. That said, creating a WordPress site isn’t a one-and-done job. A WordPress website is kind of like a car — it needs regular upkeep and care to keep it running smoothly and

How to ask for client testimonials with confidence!

Displaying raving client testimonials on your website is a really great way to inform and build trust with site visitors. That’s because if visitors hear directly from your clients the results they can expect when working with you, it’s more believable than you just sharing those results with them yourself. However, even when they’re amazing

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